10 Common Mistakes People make while buying Air Purifier

Everyone in the market claims to have the best air purifiers and this is where people fall for these talks and commit a mistake. There are various types of air purification technologies used for air purification. 

This is why there is always a sense of confusion among people while choosing the best air purifiers and they end up buying a low quality air purifier. Therefore, doing a proper research is necessary.

Educate Yourself to Avoid Mistakes

The quality of air purifiers must also depend on the level of air pollution levels in your area.

So, you need to educate yourself before selecting an air purifier which will eventually keep your family members away from life threatening polluted air. If AQI in your area is above 50 then you must have an Air Purifier to keep you safe.

Check Air Quality Index of your City

Many cities in India have crossed the permissible limits of air pollution and even the doctors have recommended buying the best quality air purifiers for our indoor air. As a result, many brands promote low quality air purifiers just for the sake of business. 

In today’s air purifier buying guide, we will see 10 common mistakes people make while buying best air purifiers. So that you can avoid them while buying your trusted air purifier.

We have done research on the quality of air purifiers and their needs considering the air pollution levels in India. So, we will give you a checklist of specifications which you must cross check while buying an air purifier for your home. 

Let us begin with 10 most common mistakes people make while buying an air purifier

1. Relying on advertising and doing no personal research on features of Air Purifier

Many people buy air purifiers just after looking at its advertisement and end up buying an air purifier which is not efficient for air purification. Every product advertisement tries to project their product as the best product available in the market. 

But it’s your duty to cross check the facts, check reviews of its existing users, check whether the air purifier has necessary specifications or not, etc.

Check Facts before buying Air Purifiers

Our research team has done an extensive research and testing of the major air purifiers available in the market. We have compiled all the important information therefore checking this guide will definitely help you with choosing the best air purifiers.

2. Not checking the Type of Filter Used

Most crucial part of the air purification process is Air Filtration. You must also check the air filtration technology used. 

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters must be present in your air purifier considering the air pollution levels in India. But there exist various types of HEPA filters like HEPA Like, HEPA type, etc. 

Air purifiers must have a True-HEPA Filter which is capable of blocking 99.97% of air pollutants of size upto PM 2.5 (30 times smaller particles than width of human hair).

There are even more efficient air filters available. But at least your air purifier must have a True HEPA filter. You might consider having a look at how HEPA Filters Purify Air.

3. Neglecting Indoor Air Virus Killing Ability

It must be capable of killing viruses present in indoor Air. Virus killing ability is one of the most neglected specifications while buying an air purifier.

Various technologies are used to kill the viruses present in the air, ‘Ultraviolet Rays Action’ being one of them. Purifiers must block and kill the virus to avoid its growth in purifiers.

Air purifier kills virus with Ultraviolet Rays Action

In order to block the viruses, the air purifier must be capable of blocking particles of size as small as 0.1 micrometer. So, you must consider buying an air purifier with such minute filtering capacity.

Philips AC2887 20 Air purifier

is capable of killing viruses as its filter blocks pollutants upto 0.02 micron including the H1N1 (Swine Flu) Virus.

You must take a look at our detailed guide for Best Air Purifiers to tackle viruses.

4. Absence of Air Quality Indicator in an Air Purifier

Just buying an air purifier is not enough. On the Air Quality Indicator present in your Air Purifier, you need to check the efficiency of air purification by monitoring the quality of air before and after using the air purifier.

So you have the option to customize the air purification setting to meet the highest purification levels of air.

So, how will you measure the quality of air for analysis purposes?

You need an air purifier which has an “Air Quality Indicator” to display the real time quality of air present in the room. So, based on the data obtained, you must be able to customize settings of air purification.

Pollution Level Indicator in Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier has the best air quality indicator and also provision to change modes of air purification as per our need.

5. Not taking maintenance cost of Purifier into consideration

Even if the decision of buying an air purifier is the best decision considering the safety & health of your family, your Air Purifier has a maintenance cost associated with it in the form of Filters that are needed to be changed.

Therefore, you must consider buying an air purifier with long lasting filters, that is with a higher filter life cycle.

Filter Life

Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

🕒 8500 Hours

Philips AC1215/20

🕒 6000 Hours

MI Air Purifier 3

🕒 3600 Hours

Most Air Purifier filters have a filter life within the range 3000 hours to 6000 hours which is around 5 to 8 months. 

After that, you need to change the HEPA filter and carbon filter based on this filter life cycle. So, checking the life of air filters and their warranty is an important thing.

True-HEPA Filter life of Coway Sleek Pro Air purifier is 8500 hours which is almost 2.5 times as compared to other purifiers in this range. This takes almost an year to change the filters and that too if used 24×7. 

Generally the standard usage of 8-12 hours per day will make the filter last for 2 years.

Therefore buying Air Purifiers like Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 reduces the maintenance cost drastically thereby saving your money in the longer run. So, maintenance cost must also be considered while buying an air purifier.

6. Wrong methods of buying Air Purifiers

Always Check AQI (Air Quality Index) of your Area before buying Best Air Purifiers

Various technologies of air purification target different levels of pollution. Before buying an air purifier, you need to check the Air Quality Index of your area to decide the best quality of air purifier. 

If the air pollution level in your area is just above the permissible limits i.e below AQI 100, then an Air Purifier with a prefilter & a carbon filter is sufficient for you.

Make sure your Air Purifier contains True-HEPA Filter

On the other hand, if you are living in one of the highly polluting cities of India or even if the AQI of your city exceeds 100 even once in a month, then you must go with a True HEPA filter. This filter is capable enough to block pollutants upto size of PM 2.5 which includes Dust, Mold, Pollen, Cigarette Smoke, Smog, etc.

Moreover, the combination of True-HEPA & some Air Purifiers with advanced filtration technologies can also kill bacteria & viruses.

Avoid Air Purifiers that contain Ionizers or generate Ozone

Also, you should avoid choosing Air Purifiers that produce harmful ozone gas. These types of air purifiers are ionizers and ozone generators. 

Stay away from these types of Air Purifiers as they emit Ozone gas while air purification as a byproduct and Ozone is harmful for our body.

HEPA Filter based Air Purifiers are the only type of Air Purifiers which meet specific EPA standards and National Air Quality Standards for efficacy and safety. So make sure you go with Air Purifiers having True-HEPA Filters.

7. Buying too small or too large air purifier

You must select the best air purifiers based on following three parameters:


CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
CADR is the rate at which the air is cleaned in a specific amount of time.

Coverage Area
This is the area that is covered by an Air Purifier

Area Coverage Icon
360 Degree Icon

360 Degree Air Intake

If you are buying an air purifier for home, you must consider the area of air purification space. Every air purifier comes with its coverage area and rate of clean air delivery. 

Best air purifier for the office can be different from the air purifier for the bedroom. So, you must select the air purifier based on its capacity. 

It is recommended to buy a 360 degree air intake purifier so that it can be equally efficient in congested and complex rooms. Location of the air purifier in the room also affects the efficiency of air purification.

Determine the estimated size of your room and check whether the air purifier delivers clean air for your room size.

8. Not understanding the settings to customize Air Purifier as per need

You must buy an air purifier which has following 2 features available

Air Quality Indicator

Automatic Air Quality Sensing

Air Purifier Setting

Customization of air purification settings

Air purifiers must have automatic air quality sensing features to check the air quality and adjust its purification levels accordingly.

Moreover, customization of air purifier settings must also be available. So, that we can operate the purifier in the highest purification mode when needed.

Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

It provides 4 modes of air purification levels. Low Pollution, Medium Pollution, High Pollution and Turbo Mode. So, you can start your air purifier with turbo mode and then switch to economic mode when the majority of air pollutants are removed.

9. Neglecting the Silent Operation in Air Purifier

Another neglected parameter while selecting the best air purifiers is its silent operation. Air purifiers are generally kept in our master bedrooms while sleeping. And if it is generating sound during its operation, it can be too irritating. 

So, your air purifier must have silent operation feature as well as economy mode of operation during night. If the fan speed is non-adjustable, the air purifier becomes too noisy during sleep.

Fan Speed Adjustment

Even if the highest modes like Turbo mode are a bit noisy, the other modes should be silent.

So even if we keep the Air Purifier on Turbo mode for some time, it can purify at faster rate and then it can be switched to the economy mode for purification while you sleep.

10. Not checking reviews before buying

Last but not the least, you must check reviews of the product before buying. Because every company claims to be the best in the world. 

So, to check the credibility of the product, you must check the reviews of existing customers who are currently using the product.

Amazon Review and Rating

Check the Air Purifier on Amazon, the overall ratings, reviews and filter availability before buying the Air Purifier of your choice.

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Check List you must consider before Buying Air Purifier

  • True HEPA Filter
  • Ability to Kill Viruses and bacteria
  • Carbon Filter (Deodorizing Filter)
  • Trap pollutants upto size 2.5 PM
  • Eliminate allergy-causing elements
  • Real Time Air Purification Indicator
  • Low maintenance cost of Changing filters
  • Filter changing must be possible at home
  • Warranty of Product
  • Cost Beneficial Product (Best specifications in optimum price)
  • Reviews of existing users

Which are the best Air Purifiers considering the above parameters?

With all the testing & research, we have handpicked Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 as the most recommended Air Purifier that can satisfy air purification needs in India. The Philips AC2887/20 High-Efficiency Air purifier is also a great option for your home.

Looks Great, Affordable, Value For Money, Durable, Best Performance, High Warranty

Coway is World’s trusted Brand for Air Purifiers. This model is affordable as well as feature-rich. It’s worth your investment as it offers 5 Years of Warranty (which no other competitor offers) with excellent Customer Service all over India. A perfect Air Purifier you can trust for Best Performance, Anti-Flu technology, Long-lasting Filters & Value for Money.

Affordable, Feature-loaded, Great Performance, Best Design, Moderate Warranty

Philips is India’s well-known Brand. This is the all-in-one Air Purifier with Best Design, Great Performance, More Area Coverage, Ultra Silent, Virus Protection like Swine Flu (H1N1) Virus. This is also a great affordable Air Purifier with all major features along with 2 Years of Warranty.

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