Air Purifier for Baby & Pregnancy – (Pregnant Women, Baby/Infants and Kids)

Before we get into the details of air purifier for baby, it is important to know how important it is to have pure & fresh air around you at the time of your pregnancy and after your delivery. 

Fresh & Pure Air has become the 4th basic need of human beings, especially in the polluted cities. 

As the functioning of our body depends on the quality of air we breathe, if this air is polluted, contaminants keep on accumulating which later causes respiratory diseases. 

The oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin must be high to maintain good health as well as freshness to perceive day to day activities. Moreover, pregnant women, infants and elder people are highly prone to respiratory diseases if suitable precaution is not taken.

Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

Why do we require an Air Purifier for newborn baby?

It is a known fact that the air quality has been deteriorating severely day by day. The life of people including pregnant women, babies, toddlers, old-age people is already under high risk if they are overexposed to harmful air around us. (Don’t forget to refer the infographic below)

Post the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of us are now habitual to wearing masks outdoors but wearing them continously 24×7 is not something that’s feasible. That’s where using Air Purifiers help keeping the air around us fresh and clean while we are present indoors.

Best Air Purifier for Baby & Pregnancy- Indoor Pollutant a silent killer

Mother & Baby Air Care During Pregnancy & After Delivery

Effect of Air Pollution on Pregnant women and Infants

Being a parent, we always try to provide all the necessities for our child and always strive to give our children the best possible lifestyle. An infant child or women who are about to give birth are highly vulnerable to air pollution. 

If a pregnant woman is inhaling bad quality indoor air (as well as outdoor polluted air), it will definitely impact the health of the child. There is an interesting research by National institute of Health published on impact of the mother’s air pollution exposure on child’s lung health in India.

There are signs of lung disease and asthma in babies in some cases which is super shocking. Why would one even risk it.

So, if you have pregnant women, infants or smaller children in your family, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they breathe good quality air (for better health and safety).


“If one parent has allergies, their child is 25 percent more likely to have allergies.”

Harmful effects of Air pollution on Pregnant women and infants:

Why are infants and small babies more prone to harmful effects of Air Pollution?

Best Air Purifier for Pregnancy - Improving the Quality of Indoor Air

Getting a trusted air purifier is the best solution to effectively tackle the indoor air quality. Moreover, Air purifier is a quick solution as good quality air is obtained in less than 20 minutes with the help of recommended settings. 

Indian Pediatrics Organization has claimed in a research paper that mother’s exposure to indoor pollutants including tobacco smoke results in Low Birth Weight (LBW) which is a major public issue in India due to Air Pollution being one major factor.

There are some high tech air purifiers in the market which can tackle various pollutants present in air like volatile organic compounds(VOC), Asbestos, formaldehyde, Radon, viruses, mold, bacteria, mildew, dust mites and many other chemicals which can highly affect pregnant women as well as infants.

When it comes to the best air purifier for pregnancy, it definitely helps in improving the air quality inside the room.

Best Air Purifier for Baby Room

Before buying an air purifier for baby room you must check the ‘must-have features’ in an air purifier as there are many of them available in the market that don’t satisfy your needs if you are specifically looking for the best air purifier for baby room. 

Also, choosing the wrong Air Purifier can be more dangerous as some Air Purifiers emit Ozone Gas which is harmful to the human body. You need to select the best air purifier for babies / infants based on the following specifications:

Don’t worry we have handpicked the best air purifiers especially for babies and pregnant ladies and all of them follow the mandates which are listed above.

Which are the best air purifiers for pregnancy? (pregnant women and babies)

Our Most Recommended Pick

removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with numerical PM2.5 display

  • It possesses Vitashield Intelligent purification which is capable of automatically sensing air quality of room
  • It removes 99.97%  airborne pollutants of size 0.02 microns which is 125 times smaller than PM 2.5
  • It eliminates 99.9% bacteria and viruses. It has been tested to eliminate H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus.
  • It blocks 99.99% pollen and house dust mites suspended in the indoor air. 
  • It is one of the best air purifiers in India due to its high air purification efficiency.
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate is high, that is, 333 m3/hour
  • It is an ideal purifier for a master bedroom due to its Effective area coverage. Perfect and safe for pregnant woman and babies.
  • It operates silently which enables perfect sleep at night.
9.4Expert Score
Philips AC2887/20

Our Most Recommended Budget Pick

Trust Factor
Quality of Filters Used
Maintenance Cost

A tough competitor to the winner

Pre Filter, Patented Urethane Carbon Filter & Green Anti-flu True HEPA Filter

  • It uses Unique Air Filtration Process containing Pre Filter, Patented Urethane Carbon Filter which also helps to deodorize the air
  • It traps PM 2.5 Particles with the help of Multi-Layered HEPA Filter 
  • One Touch AirSpeed Adjustment enables us to adjust air purifier setting as per our need. It has four Speed Steps (1,2,3 and Turbo) 
  • Real-Time Air Quality Indicator helps to understand the status of air quality in your area ( Clean air, Low Pollution, Medium Pollution, High Pollution)
  • Green Anti-flu Anti-virus True HEPA Technology is used for Air Purification which is tested for eliminating influenza virus.
  • best in class 5 years warranty on Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier.
9.3Expert Score
Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

A tough competitor to the winner

Trust Factor
Quality of Filters Used
Maintenance Cost

Doctor’s Advice

Expert Opinion on tackling Air Pollution

“Despite all the household precautions, pregnant women are advertently exposing their unborn children to air pollution that can cause premature births. We cannot completely change the air present in the room, but effective measures can be taken to reduce these adverse effects and reduce overall risk. If you are planning to have a baby or are currently pregnant, invest in a good air purifier for the safety and well being of your family.”

Dr. Amita Phadnis

Gynaecologist & Neonatologist

Conclusion -

Which is the Best Air Purifier for pregnancy? - Families with Pregnant Women, Infants/Babies and Small Children

Budget Air Purifiers for Pregnant Women & Babies

It’s Just The Perfect Budget Fit

Recommended for people having larger room sizes within the range of 400 to 800 sq.ft & for them who can afford to change filters once in 6-8 months.

It’s Budget Friendly All-Rounder

Recommended for people having small or medium sized rooms less than 350 sq.ft. & for them who will have to change filters once in a year or two.

Both the shortlisted Air Purifiers for babies are the top contenders and fulfill all the safety and performance criteria such as Virus Filtration, Good CADR, good filter life, and most important of all the trust factor. Both these are handpicked from the rest to be the best budget air purifiers with no compromise in performance and quality.

Now finalizing an air purifier for baby completely depends on your budget which you can decide based on your affordability. 

If budget isn’t your problem, and you are the one who can afford spending extra bucks for getting the very best to settle only for perfection, then buying one of the air purifiers listed below is a no brainier.

Hands Down All Time Best Air Purifiers for Pregnant Women & Babies

The Most Perfect Performer of All

Recommended for people who like the most feature-rich devices than classy looking devices. (No doubt in Performance, Safety, & Quality)

The Super Classy All-rounder of All

Recommended for people who prefer having classy looking devices than some extra features. (No doubt in Performance, Safety, & Quality)

You can trust both these air purifiers having the most advanced features, fastest filtration, smart purification modes, smartphone app & WiFi Connectivity, most efficient performance, safest of all, super reliable and durable. 

Still if you ask us, what would be our recommendation, we would tell you to check your room size and budget first.

If you have larger rooms, go for Philips AC2887/20 as it has an upper edge due to its high CADR. For small & medium sized rooms, Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 is the best and most trusted. If budget is not your concern, go for our personal favorite Philips AC5659/20.

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